What Is R&D?

What Represents Research & Development Tax Relief Within The Wholesale Brewers & Supply Chain Sector?


The brewing process has been delivering change and innovation for over a hundred years. Yet from 2000 the government introduced a tax relief scheme designed to help businesses to grow.


In established sectors like for example ‘pharmaceutical’ this claim is widely understood and used to help new ideas, processes and development ,yet within the drinks sector this claim is hardly explored.


The truth is, whether you’re a new business entering into its growth cycle or an existing business looking to strengthen its position in the marketplace, you will all be using R&D in one form or another at some point , probably without even knowing it.


There are many different factors that qualify for R&D, represented by 5 main headings.







Not only will our claims team look into the claim allowable 2 previous business years as well as the current year, they will as part of their commitment help you to fully understand what is claimable over the following 2 business years as well.

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